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Events Around Carmel

John Hiatt & The Goners
at Sunset Center
January 29, 2018

Shuttles to AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am
at Carmel Plaza & Ocean Avenue
February 8-11, 2018

The Second City
at Sunset Center
February 15, 2018

K.D. Lang
at Sunset Center
March 1, 2018

at Various Carmel Venues
March 15-18, 2018

Smuin Ballet
at Sunset Center
March 23-24, 2018

Carmel Art Festival
at Devendorf Park
May 18-20, 2018

Smuin Ballet
at Sunset Center
June 1-2, 2018

Carmel House & Garden Tour
at Various Carmel Residences
June 23, 2018

Annual 4th of July Celebration
at Devendorf Park
July 4, 2018

Concours on the Avenue
at Ocean Avenue
August 21, 2018

Shuttles to Pebble Beach Concours
at Carmel Plaza & Ocean Avenue
August 26, 2018

Adam Moniz attending a Carmel event

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Carmel Opportunities

Learn More About Carmel Opportunities

Located adjacent to Pebble Beach to the south and a short drive from Silicon Valley, Carmel offers residents a lifestyle filled with spectacular white sand beaches and natural beauty, not to mention countless shopping and dining opportunities.

Carmel is made up of several distinct areas, including the Carmel Highlands, Carmel Point, and the quaint 1.1 square mile European style village of Carmel-by-the-Sea. Carmel is ranked among the most popular travel destinations in the United States and often welcomes over two million visitors per year. It is an especially dog friendly community, with dogs even having their own water fountain in Carmel Plaza and being allowed off leash at Carmel's most popular beach.

In contrast to the large estates of Pebble Beach, Carmel-by-the-Sea offers many whimsical cottage style homes (known to locals as "Carmel Charmers") that are usually around 1,600 square feet and typically set on 4,000 square foot lots. This approach to planning contributes to the community's unique ambiance and holds to its tradition of being a city in the forest by the sea. As much of the village is built on a gradual slope, ocean views can be found even from residences located several blocks from the beach. Ocean Avenue is at the heart of the village's downtown business district, while the "Golden Rectangle" is viewed by many to be the premier residential neighborhood due to its prime location.

Homes in Carmel-by-the-Sea do not have addresses, opting instead to afford owners an opportunity to "name" their home and provide a geographical description of where it can be found (for example, "Mission 2 SE of 4th" would refer to a property located on "Mission" Street that is the "2nd" home heading "South" from the corner of "4th" Avenue on the "East" side of the street). Creative home names include "This Is It," and "This Is Not It" (which are actually located next door to each other on San Carlos Street). Residents are provided with post office boxes for mail delivery, thus making the Carmel post office among the most popular community meeting spots.

Homes set along Scenic Road and the west side of San Antonio Avenue carry significant premiums and are considered among the most desirable and exclusive.

Adam's experience in Carmel will help you navigate the market and find the perfect property, as well as give you the inside knowledge that only a local can provide.

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